About Us

We are a software development and design studio offering a spectrum of technical services. We have obtained a vast range of industry and business knowledge within the team. Our solutions provide clients with a competitive edge and the opportunity to deliver cost savings by improving the efficiency of business processes and optimising results.

Who Are We?

•       Established 1998
•       70% of clients retain us for 3 or more years
•       Organic growth, primarily by referral
•       Bespoke software, linking systems and/or people

With IDL, clients gain competitive advantage from bespoke software development fine-tuned to their needs. Starting with our requirements analysis methodology through to hosting and support, we provide the complete solution.

What Do We Do?

We’re dedicated to innovative software solutions that solve everyday problems.

All of our services are used as components to build a solution designed to meet the common needs of a business application.

We offer a customer focused, tailored quality service for all our clients, who range from small limited companies to large international businesses.

We deliver solutions that are developed and tailored to fit with your exact system requirements.

Our Ethos

We’re Skilled

Our highly skilled technical team write all of our software from scratch, so we know all of our systems inside-out and have full control. This means that our clients get exactly what they’re looking for.

We’re Experienced

We like to think we’ve learned a thing or two in our time – so we take this breadth of experience into every new project. We can provide a full software development life-cycle to a variety of industries.

We’re Distinctly Different

We value our client relationships and like to think that we provide a more personal approach to the development process.

We Love A Challenge

Our close-knit team of experienced consultants, developers and designers are always ready for their next challenge; equipped with the skills, experience, and know-how to create your solution.

Our Technical Capabilities

We offer services over a broad range of technologies, including:

Windows / Windows CE

VB / C# .NET & .NET CE

SQL Server / SQL Server CE



MS Exchange


Windows Services

Bespoke Systems

Some of our bespoke systems include:

Customer Relationship Management

Order Processing Systems

Printout Capture

Barcode Scanning / Printing

Data Compression

Terminal Emulation