Automated Line Feed System

We were commissioned to develop an automated trigger system to replace an existing button push application which called parts to the production line.

The system we developed – for a client in the automotive industry – is based on actual part consumption at point of fit as per the bill of materials and vehicle assembly build sequence/vehicle position – as well as other considerations. This enables a ‘smooth’ just-in-time supply of parts to lineside based on analysis of actual future build.

The functionality also includes a Kanban-based system to trigger marketplace replenishment from an offsite warehouse.

The system controls the pick and delivery of parts using Wi-Fi enabled scanners and MRT devices attached to fork lift trucks.

Within the software suite we provide several management reports (including detailed productivity reports) and web-based dashboards which can be viewed on TV screens.

The application interacts with other external applications, including an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) and a dynamic shelf labelling system.