Product Pick List Generator for Sequenced Parts

This system was developed for a client in the automotive industry and controls the pick and delivery of internally sequenced parts.

The parts are grouped into commodities and are packed into containers and each part is allocated to a specific vehicle. The parts must be packed and then picked in the correct order so that the allocated part is fitted to the correct vehicle – so as to avoid a misfit.

Our system produces pick sheets which the warehouse operative uses to fill a container. We have created a Wi-Fi enabled scanner based application which guides the operative through the pick – forcing them to scan the part and pigeon-hole barcodes as they progress through the pick – error proofing the pick sheet.

Once the container has been picked it is then ready for collection and movement to the market place and then to the point-of-fit – the mobile software has different driver roles which control this movement, keeping each container in sequence.

Within the software suite we provide a web-based Bank Screen so that the users can see how many parts are in each category; Available, Sequenced or Point of Fit. We also provide several management reports (including detailed productivity reports) and web-based dashboards which can be viewed on TV screens.