Production Control System

This system was developed for a client in the automotive industry and controls their Sub-Assembly Production Process.

Sub-Assembly Cells can make multiple variants. These cells need to build batches of variants to provide stock at the lineside point of fit.

Before the Production Control System [PCS] was launched the decision on which variant to build, and when to switch over, was a manual process. As with any manual process, mistakes can be made leaving shortages at the point of fit.

The system automates the process of determining which variants to build at the sub-assembly cells.

The PCS Cell Operator Screen allows Cell Operatives to start and complete jobs > providing a real-time view of containers both at the cell and en route.

In addition – the system controls and tracks movement of containers (FULL and EMPTY), from the Assembly Cell > Market Place > POF and vice versa via the PCS WMS Module.

The system controls the pick and delivery of parts using Wi-Fi enabled scanners and MRT devices attached to fork-lift trucks.

The application also provides live information on stock levels in the warehouse, visible to both Manufacturing and MP&L teams.