Risk Assessment Tracking Tool

The Risk Assessment Management System is effectively a document management system that allows the user to search for and track all Risk Assessments that are generated for a process or a piece of machinery.

Access to the system is controlled by a user logon screen – which dictates the level of user accessibility.

The user is initially presented with a switchboard which highlights all assessments that are Due, In Progress, Awaiting Confirmation (from the Area Manager) or Under Review.

There is a search facility that allows the user to locate a Risk Assessment by:

  • Location (Area, Department, Activity or Process)
  • Responsibility (Manager or Supervisor)
  • Status (All, Due, In Progress, Awaiting Confirmation, Under Review or Archived)
  • Risk Assessment Type (General, Vibration, Confined Spaces, Team Handling, Manual Handling, Safety Plan, COSHH, Carrying, Pushing & Pulling, Noise, Maintenance, Lifting Operations).

The Risk Assessments are MS Word or MS Excel documents that are designed by the Safety Officer. An initial template is designed for each Risk Assessment Type, which is the starting point for all Risk Assessments.

When a Risk Assessment is completed a read-only copy of the document is generated – this is a snapshot and forms the Risk Assessment history for a particular process or item of machinery.

The full document history is accessible via the system.

Users can edit the MS Word / Excel document in stages. Once the Risk Assessment is complete the user must allocate a Residual Risk Rating (1 to 10).

All Risk Assessments must be electronically signed off by the Area Manager.

Any Risk Assessments with a High Residual Risk Rating (RRR) will require further feedback from the Area Manager.