Safety Incident Reporting System

The Safety Incident Reporting System is an intranet-based application available on all terminals throughout the plant. When an incident occurs the user is able to quickly log the initial details, which include:

  • Incident Type (Near Miss, Incident or Major Incident)
  • Identifying Information (e.g. Employee Name, Department, etc.)
  • Description (e.g. was the person concerned wearing Person Protective Equipment?)

Once submitted, these details are saved to the central data store and an email is sent to the Supervisor who is charge of the department where the incident occurred.

There is a Supervisor Menu which allows the Supervisor to view all of their newly reported incidents; access to this menu is controlled by a user logon screen – which dictates the level of user accessibility.

The Supervisor must accept responsibility for the incident or they must reallocate the incident to the appropriate individual.

When responsibility has been accepted the Supervisor will need to supply several other details, including:

  • Supervisor Investigation (e.g. Employee Interview, Witness Interview, etc.)
  • Employee Capability (e.g. in your opinion is there something the employee could have done or should have done to prevent this incident?)
  • Action(s) to Prevent Reoccurrence
  • Photographic Evidence
  • Risk Assessment

Once these details have been completed an email is sent to the appropriate Area Manager who will, where necessary, provide their own comments and will electronically sign off any Action(s) to Prevent Reoccurrence.

The incident will then be reallocated to the Safety Officer / Systems Administrator, who will provide the final details before closing off the incident. This will include:

  • Initial Causation (e.g. Handling, Lifting, etc.)
  • Immediate Cause
    • Contributing Practices (e.g. Failure to Secure)
    • Contributing Conditions (e.g. Noise Exposure)
  • Basic Cause (e.g. Insufficient Supervision)
  • Lack of Control (e.g. Failure to comply with adequate standards for management training)
  • Final Details
    • Costing (e.g. Estimated hours lost)
    • Accident Claims (e.g. Claim Date, Claim Cost, etc.)

If a Supervisor or Team Manager has not completed their sections in a timely manner the Safety Officer can use the system to send an email prompt.

The search and reporting facility allows the Safety Officer to search for all Safety Incidents held in the data store, filtering by Incident No, Incident Type, Employee Name, Department, etc.