Hazardous Material Summary

The Hazardous Material Summary System is an intranet-based application available on all terminals throughout the site.

This system allows the user to generate a summary sheet for all hazardous materials used within the plant. When adding a new record the user must complete the following details:

  • Header Details
    • Tox Number
    • Product Name
    • Description (e.g. Gas, Liquid, Solid, Vapour)
    • Assessor
  • Nature of Hazard (Yes / No)
    • Irritant / Harmful?
    • Corrosive?
    • Oxidizing?
    • Environmental Hazard?
    • Toxic?
    • Flammable?
    • Explosive?
  • Degree of Harm (None / Low / Medium / High)
    • Eyes
    • Inhalation
    • Mouth
    • Skin
    • Burn
    • Allergy
  • Health Surveillance Required (Yes / No)
    • Skin
    • Respiratory
  • PPE Required
    • Eye Protection (e.g. Safety Glasses)
    • Mask (e.g. For dust or fumes)
    • Gloves (e.g. Polyethylene Gloves)
    • Full Body Protection (Overalls)
  • Specific Precautions (e.g. General: Use only in well ventilated areas)

The system provides a search facility that allows the user to find and preview a Hazardous Material Summary Sheet – the system produces a dynamic MS Word Document that can be either saved or printed.